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ATTA Gallery Bangkok, Thailand.

“Express your ATTA through Contemporary Art Jewelry.”

ATTA Gallery is the first and only gallery in Thailand that specializes in contemporary art jewelry. This unique exhibition and retail space is located in a quaint neighborhood near the famous Mandarin Oriental Hotel and the French Embassy along the Chao Phraya River. ATTA Gallery occupies two rooms, totaling about 50 square meters, in an intimate shopping arcade called O. P. Garden along with other galleries and unique specialty shops

Contemporary Art Jewelry

Contemporary art jewelry is wearable art made with diverse materials and techniques by jewelry creators with unique and original concepts.

Some creative concepts used in creating Contemporary art jewelry are shape, form, color, emotion, function, materials and process. These concepts can be expressed by ways of Organic/Geometric forms, Abstract, Figurative, Narrative, Symbolic/Icon, Series and Sculpture.