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A Matter of Time Exhibition

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Perfection as an aim to strive for has been present throughout my artistic career. Stone carving and faceting, which I've been practising since 2008, have summoned it regulary. With every new stone, my work start with a conception of the finished piece. The perfaction of an idea is visualised in the faceting diagram, where a gem is described by a formula: a table of faceting angles, indexes and instructions. The cutting process usually starts relatively calmly, but sooner or later, I make a mistake. My mind wanders for a moment and fact gets too deep or there's a tiny particle on the lap that leave a scratch upon the stone. Then, I try to hide this failure by re-cutting the neighbouring facets. Usually, it means I have to make more little mistakes around the big one. In this way, a perfect idea becomes a collection of human errors. For some reason, it is quite inevitable and happens in almost every work I do. Therefore, I set a mark to understand wherther a piece is ready or not. I consider it finished as soon as I can bear all the mistakes it possesses.