Founded in 2010, ATTA Gallery is the first gallery in Thailand to specialize in Contemporary Art Jewelry. 


The word "ATTA" means Self or Individuality in Pali, an ancient Indian language that is now considered a dead language similar to Latin.  ATTA Gallery emphasizes the importance of its name and meaning by promoting self-expression and individuality of the makers and buyers alike. Therefore, ATTA Gallery has been using the slogan "Express Your ATTA Through Contemporary Art Jewelry"  to communicate with the audiences from the beginning.


In 2020 after celebrating its 10th Anniversary, ATTA Gallery moved from its first 50 sqm space at OP Garden to a much larger space at Warehouse 30 in Bangkok's Creative District.  The space now offers a 100+ sqm exhibition space, a front "retail" space, an area for art and culture related activities and a private viewing room.  


In 2022, ATTA Gallery has officially broadened its scope to offer a variety of distinctive contemporary visual art, with a special focus on materiality of art, made by local and international creators. 


Curatorial program at ATTA Gallery aims to create dialogues between different types of contemporary visual art exhibiting together in exhibition settings, dialogues between local and international artists, as well as internal dialogues between the viewers and the pieces shown.


ATTA Gallery invites and assists visitors to the gallery to connect with collectible pieces of contemporary visual art that are expressive of their unique identities so that they can add them to their houses and make their home environments reflective of how individualistic they and their lifestyles truly are.



Express Your ATTA Through Contemporary Visual Art.”